Meet Our Members

We are a membership-driven organization. Fulfilling our mission is possible because of the individuals and corporations below.  Thank you!

The following represents gifts given and new pledges made since August 1, 2016.  


City National Bank
The PIMCO Foundation
CWS Capital Partners, LLC


Karen and Bruce Clark
Janet S. Hadley


Natasha and Todd Palmaer


Carol Murrel
The Isidore C. and Penny Myers Fund


City National Bank
Mr. Richard Alexander
Terry and Sharon Bridges
Mr. Jeffrey Burch
Mrs. LaDorna Eichenberg
Dr. Fulton Jock Fischer
Irwin Kempler, M.D.
Manoucheur and Sophie Moshayedi
The Rallis Foundation
Mrs. Barbara Roberts
Michael and Pauline Smith
Charles and Suzanne Turner
Matthew and Lizanne L. Witte
William and Keiko Witte


David and Beverly Carmichael
Ms. Judi Dutton
William Gillespie Foundation
Hoelscher Bell Elliott Foundation
Karen K. Jacoby
The Gail and John Krueger Family Foundation
Mrs. Bernard A. McDonald
Dr. James B. Pick and Dr. Rosalyn M. Laudati
Mrs. Kennie Jo Rizzo
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Rolfes
Mrs. Ellen Shockro, Ph.D and Mr. Jack Shaw
Richard and Elizabeth Steele Fund
Thomas and Marilyn Sutton
Samuel and Tammy Tang
The Ueberroth Family Foundation
Linda and Tod White


Mr. Clement Ahyow
Mrs. Sandy Fainbarg
Malin and Chris Fletcher
Christopher and Deborah Gaal
Ms. Ann-Eve Hazen
Mr. Allan O. Hunter, Jr.
Allen and Eleanor Jaffy
Bill and Carolyn Klein
Robert and Barbara Kleist
Greg and Barbara MacGillivray
Mrs. Marilyn McIntyre
Janet and Walkie Ray
Jack and Katharine Schoellerman
Mr. Albert M. Schulten
Laura and Carlton Seaver
Ms. Nancy H. Smith
Dr. Tom Staple
Michael and Gloria Sullivan
Larry Tucker and Jill Johnson-Tucker
Mrs. Mary L. Vollmer


Mr. Kevin Barlow
Ms. Edie Barvin
Beall Family Foundation
George and Rebecca Boukather
Lawrence W. Browne, M.D.
Mrs. Diane Buchanan
The John L. Cashion Family Foundation
Mrs. Bonnie Ceglio
Brant and Nancy Dahlfors
Roger and Marjorie Davisson
Dr. Walter Dietiker
Tom and Lisa Edwards
Richard A. England
Don and Karen Evarts
Sally and Dan Fleet
Sun-Yiu and Helen Fung
Julie and Doug Garn
David and Trudi Gartley
Pam and Don Gilmour
Albert and Rebecca Gonzalez
Elaine D. Greengard
P.J. and Gene Hancock
Jim and Susan Hart
Ms. JoAnn Hertel
Marilyn Hester Robbins
Randy and Kelly Heyler
Ms. Catheryn E. Hoehn
Robert and Jane Hsu
Mrs. Anita Kunin
Mrs. Grace Lan-Schlichter
Mr. Toby Larson
Dorothy Larson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Mapel
Lucinda Marder
Mr. Dan J. Mariscal
Mr. Steve Mather and Mrs. Carol Mason
Gordon and Julie McAlpine
Ms. Ann W. McDonald
Mr. Richard J. Meyer
Ms. Carol Meyers
Millstream Fund
Mrs. Terry T. Mitchell
Mr. Carl Neisser
Mrs. Meredith Porter
Ms. Kim Prickett
Gena Reed
Ms. Phyllis Rodeffer
Thomas B. Rogers and Sally Anderson
Mr. William H. Roper
Mr. Nathan Owen Rosenberg
Fred and Wendy Salter
Jeff and Linda Schulein
Dr. and Mrs. James Shelburne
Lon V. Smith Foundation
Mr. Steve Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Spitz
Mr. and Mrs. John Stahr
Dr. and Mrs. David Stephenson
Clarence and Janice Turner
Stephanie and Ken VandeVeer
Ms. Cathy Voreyer
Paul and Ronnie Watkins
Mrs. Tina Watson
Elaine J. Weinberg
Mr. and Mrs. Russell K. Wilson
Dr. Adrian S. Windsor
Greg and Sharon Wohl
Mr. Felix Yan
Kim and Allen Yourman


Dennis and Diane Baker
Jerry and Irene Barr
Joann L. Data, M.D.
Ed and Janis Carpenter
Victoria Collins, Ph.D and David Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Coulter
Diane and Patrick Dixon
Mr. Farid Falaghband
Jurgen and Patricia Froehlich
David and Josie Gardner
Margaret M. Gates
Jerri and Mark Gerard
Ms. Vonnie Gibbons
Ms. Constance Glenn
Thomas McCormack and Melissa Hicks
Mrs. Robert Hyson
Mrs. Dolores Johnson
Mr. Christopher Keys
Nancy and Ned Kriz
Mrs. Janet Loyd
Donald and Georgette Mareina
Mr. Charles W. Masters, Jr.
Tiare and Patrick Meegan
Mr. Charles Mosmann
Ms. Kathleen N. Nitta
Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Perry
Kathleen and Mark Peterson
Mrs. Annie Quinn
Wally and Renate Rados
Richard and Barbara Riley
Mrs. Anne Goodwin and Mr. Ira G. Rivin
Herb and Joyce Rosenblum
Ms. Carolyn A. Scheer
Dan and Linda Schmenk
Mrs. Diane Steffy
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Uyemura
Paul and Stacey Von Berg
Rosemary Ward


Ms. Olivia Abel
Ms. Kathy Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony A. Allen
Mr. Scott K. Anderson, Jr.
Samuel and Susan Anderson
Daniel and Jean Ardell
Mrs. Catherine Bailey
Martha and Jerome Barich
Ms. Kathleen Blank
Lisa and Steve Briggs
Ken and Renee Cachat
Mr. Thomas K. Callister
Douglas and Joyce Cassel
Ms. Eileen Coe
Mrs. Alice C. Coons
Richard and Kim Crawford
Sally and Randy Crockett
Ronald and Anne Dahl
Kevin and Susan Daly
Mr. Joe Daruty
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Dauderman
Mrs. Vicki de Reynal
Steven and Sheila Dennis
Mr. Arnold Eisman
Mr. Ronald Epperson
Ms. Florence Fainbarg
Mr. Lou Fanelli
Mrs. Sally Fletcher
Dr. and Mrs. Glenn Fowler
Ms. Rebecca Frankel
Mr. Steven Frates
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Fry
Ms. Lynn Gardner
John and Carolyn Garrett
Cyndi and Larry Gooch
Dr. and Mrs. Russell L. Hafer, Jr.
Ms. Heidi Hall
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Harano
Harlan and Dorothy Harmsen
Arthur and Frances Helfat
Mrs. JoeAnna Jenkins
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Jeppe
Mrs. Marian Jones
Ms. Patricia A. Jorgensen
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kaufman
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Keith
Barbara Keller and David Auchterlonie
Mr. and Mrs. David Kerrigan
Adelyn and Dennis Klarin
Adrian and Elaine Kuyper
Ed and Nancy Last
Ms. Rachel Levin
Mr. John S. Lindsey
Hugh and Caroline Logan
Ms. Agnes E. Lovasz
Ian and Mary-Jane MacKinnon
Ms. Bridget Malone
Ms. Deborah Moore Manning
Mrs. Hedda Marosi
William and Irene Mathews
Ms. Joan McCauley
Steven and Jenny Mizusawa
Ms. Nancy Moss
Roy Glauthier and Nicole Parker
Ms. Catherine Pazemenas
Tom and Barbara Peckenpaugh
Ms. Ruth Poole
Mrs. Charlene Prager
Ron Presta and Allyson Bolin-Presta
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Purcell
Mrs. Francis E. Quinlan
Terry and Carol Reinhold
Mr. Carl W. Rieger, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas Rose
Mrs. Adrienne Rosen
Ms. Joan Rowland
Mrs. Meg Rumsfeld
Mrs. Sondra Samuels
Mrs. Christa Schar
Paul and Virginia Schloemer
Paul Schmidhauser and Cindy Hughes
Ms. Denise Schoenberg
Mrs. Linda Schumann
Rolf and Mary Lee Schwalbe
Dr. and Mrs. David J. Sheffner
Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Singer
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Slutzky
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Spear
Mrs. Gigi Spragins
Walter and Masami Stahr
Ann D. Stephens
John and Angela Stollsteimer
Ms. Marian Tang
Ms. Laura Tarbox
Mr. Larry Thomas
Donald and Carole Tompkins
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Tustin
Thomas and Vera Twaiten
Ms. Gretchen Valentine
Carol Foster and Gary Waldron
Theodore and Sherry Wallace
Mrs. Nella Webster O'Grady
Paul and Kia Westhead
Ms. Marcia Young


Don and Betty Adkinson
Ms. Bonnie G. Alexander
Mr. C.L. Alexander
Linda and Hy Algazi
Mary and Dick Allen
Ms. Judith E. Ambrose
Mr. Jim Anderson
Gordon and Elizabeth Anderson
Mrs. Alan V. Andrews
Mrs. Michelle Armond and Mr. Alexander Ihler
Mr. Mark Asdourian
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Auerbach
Mr. James L. Aust
Mrs. Bonnie Aver
Richard and Patricia Babineau
Jim and Diane Bailey
Linda and James Baker
Dr. Rudolph and Mrs. Dorothy Baldoni
Ms. Deborah Barnum
Mrs. Jean Barthelemy




Gordon and Greer Beach
Mr. and Mrs. Abelardo Beaz
Jeffrey and Nancy Lynn Beck
Martha and Charles Becker
Melvin and Carol Beitscher
Mrs. Pauline Benjamin
Mrs. Bonnie Bennett
Mariellen and Peter Bergman
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Beringer
Raymond and Carol Berke
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bernstein
Sharon and W.I. Bilbeisi
Ms. Victoria Blair
Ms. Jane Blazina
Marcelle Bolin
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon G. Bonar
Mr. Peter S. Bordas
Linda and Robin Boyd
Mr. Glenn Bozarth
Mrs. Yana Bridle
Mrs. Betsy Bright
Peter and Andra Broekelschen
Greg and Debbie Brostek
Mr. Martin Brower
Anne M. Brown
Ms. Cynthia Bruns
Ms. Cecily R. Burke
Mr. Roland Bye
Dr. Geraldine Cahill and Mr. Gail P. Pickart
Nicole Camaras
Tykye and Elaine Camaras
Linda and Denny Campbell
Dr. Lorna Carlin
Gary and Anne Carlsen
Mr. Thomas C. Casey
Mrs. Karen Cerwin
Mrs. Mary Chabre
Mrs. Robert Childs
Mr. and Mrs. David Chonette
Kurt and Deborah Christiansen
Ms. Patricia A. Clarke
William and Amy Claster
David and Barbara Cline
Lawrence and Carol Cohn
Mrs. Mary A. Collins
Mr. Peter Collisson
Ms. Betty H. Conklin
Virginia and John Connolly
Ms. Helen Conover
Hunter and Barbara Cook
Mrs. Christine Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Corngold
Jack and Jill Crevier
Barbara and John Cronin
Richard and Jane Croul
Ms. Carole A. Crowley
Joe and Lynn Crutchley
Mrs. Ann R. Cullen
Ms. Janet L. Curci
Jeanne and Paul Curry
James and Laura Curtis
Ms. Christy D'Ambrosio
Ms. Jacqueline D. Davidson
Mrs. Barbara Dawkins
Bill and Ann Dennis
Mrs. Janet C. DeRuff
Dr. Grace Deutsch
Mr. and Mrs. R.C. Dinkins
Ms. Janis E. Dinwiddie
Margaret and Robert Doedens
Ms. Joni Doherty
Norman and Barbara Dondanville
Mrs. Elana Donovan
Michael and Jill Draffin
Mr. Walter M. Drake
Robert and Janet Dryden
Mrs. Mary Eadington
Harriet and Frank Edelstein
Robert and Susan Ehrlich
Robin and Michael Einbund
Mrs. Beverly Elias
Mrs. Marilyn Elmer
Mrs. Andrea Epstein
Mrs. Joan D. Erger
Dr. and Mrs. Aaron Esrig
Ms. Barbara Everson
Ms. Peggie Fariss
Ms. Faye W. Farwell
Ms. Roberta Feuerstein
Mr. Carl Fine
Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Fishman
Marshall and Judith Flapan
Suzy and Bill Fletcher
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Forino
Diane and Colin Forkner
Larry and Pamela Fortmuller
George and Linda Fraker
Ms. Judith E. Frant
Ms. Sandra French
Ms. Kimberley Fry
Carlita and Win Fuller
Mr. James T. Fulton
Dana and Steven Gabriel
Ms. Gladys Gabrielian
Ms. Carol Gaetano
Ms. Joan Garner
Ms. Janice Genevro
Mrs. Ada Kless Gilbert
Steve and Cathy Gilbert
Ms. Barbara Gilcrest
Ms. Barbara Gilmore
James and Barbara Glabman
Ms. Susan J. Glass
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Gold
Miriam and Larry Goldberg
Jane Golden
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin D. Goldring
Ms. Elena Grable
Irwin and Sandy Greenberg
Mr. Norman Grossman
Ms. Carmen Guo
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Gurney
Ms. Lisa Gustafson
Mrs. Patricia C. Hadden
Ed and Mary Hall
Rebecca and William Halladay
Bruce and Beth Hallett
Mrs. Ilham Hamamji
Mrs. Jinx L. Hansen
Lynn April and Gene Hartline
Terry and Carol Hartman
Ms. Debbie Hartunian
Ms. Barbara Harwell
Ms. Virginia Hayter
Mrs. Ann B. Heiney
Richard and Dolores Herman
Dr. and Mrs. David Herzlinger
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hillgren
Mr. Rob Hillis
Steve and Karen Hinton
Mr. Michael Hirsh
Jack and Nancy Hochadel
Richard and Carroll Hochschild
Jerry and Barbara Hood
Ms. Margaret Horne
Dr. and Mrs. C.R. Hostetler
David House and Maria Huang
Walt and Karen Howald
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Howard
Mr. Craig Hudson
Mr. William H. Hurt
Shannon and Wayne Inouye
Mrs. Patricia S. Irwin
Ms. Joyce Jack
Ms. Jennifer Jackson
Edward Jackson
Ms. Joanna Jacobs
Ms. Jackie Jacobson
Amin Jahanian
Mr. Richard Jensen
Beverly and Wallace Jensen
James and Gwen Johnson
Randy and Carole Johnson
Mrs. Deborah Johnson
Ms. Michelle Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Derek Johnson
Mrs. Carole Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Dale H. Jones
Terry and Judy Jones
Mr. Richard D. Jones
Ms. Becky Jones
Ms. Jeanette Justus
Mr. Herbert W. Kalmbach
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Kamper
Robert and M'Liss Kane
Reiko Hori Kaye and Robert Molko
John and Elizabeth Keating
Peter and Signe Keller
Mr. Roland D. Kelly
Les and Wanda Kephart
Ms. Christine Kiger
Dan and Betty Kilmer
James and Judy Kirner
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas C. Kleha
Mrs. Carolyn Knight
Rolf and Susan Koenker
Sheila Koff and Don Menaguale
Robert and Ginny Koury
Susan and David Kramer
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kristenson
Dr. Mark Krugman, M.D.
Charles and Patricia Krumm
Paula and John Kruse
Mrs. Elizabeth Krysiak
Dr. Paul R. Kuhn
James and Diana Landis
Ms. Nancy S. Larson
Mrs. Ksenia Larson
Dr. and Mrs. Jack B. Larson
Mrs. Lynda Lawrence-Salinger
Mr. and Mrs. Dean R. Laws
Mrs. Gale Layman
J.K. and Robin Leason
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Lee
Mr. James Leimkuhler
Ms. Darlene Letnes
Ms. Bobbi LeVine
Harry and Joan Levy
Mr. James R. Lewis
Jacquee and Mel Lipson
Todd and Bonnie Lisman
Peggy and Frank Listi
Daniel and Betsy Livingston
Mr. Seymour Lobel
Dr. and Mrs. William G. Loomis
Dr. and Mrs. Willard C. Loomis
Mrs. Bobby Lovell
Mr. Robert Lucas
Dr. and Mrs. Sanford P. Lyle
Mrs. Jane Lyons
Neil and Ora MacFarlane
Ms. Ann MacGowan
Ron and Karen Madaras
Mr. L.D. Malatka
Selma Mann
Mr. Charles A. Martin
Mr. Bob McCaffrey
Linda and David McCarty
Ms. Bonnie McClellan
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert McCutchan
Dr. James McGaugh
Mr. Ken Meany
Dr. and Mrs. Vahe Meghrouni
Mr. Roger Meisinger
Martin and Doris Melnick
Sara Messier, Ph.D.
Norman and Suzanne Metcalfe
John and Elizabeth Middleton
Ms. Yvonne H. Miller
Mrs. Carole Miller
Kim and Dave Miller
Edward and Norma Millett
Ms. Joyce Moix
Dr. and Mrs. Kivie Moldave
Judge William and Angela Monroe
Ms. Jan Moody
Carol J. Morris
Mrs. Ann Moskowitz
Matthew and Janet Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Nadler
Ms. Julie Nakata
Patricia and Darrell Nance
Tom and Audrey Jean Naughton
Mr. Richard C. Neisser
Ms. Carmen E. Nelles
Mrs. Liz Swiertz Newman
Claire and Ken Nilmeier
Mr. Michael Nilsson
Mrs. Karen Noonan
Mr. Thomas Norris
Ms. Polly Norwood
Mrs. Marci Novegrod
Ms. Wendy Nugent
Oates Family Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Obegi
Mr. Richard Oberreiter
Mrs. Linda Oeth
Mr. Kirk Ohanian and Mrs. Phuong Ta
Mr. Ronald Oliver
Ms. June O'Neil
Mr. and Mrs. William O'Neill
Mrs. Joanne Overman
Ms. Lauren Packard
Ms. Eleanor Palk
Mrs. Karen Parks
Darlene and Del Parsons
Darrell and Lynn Pash
Ms. Susan Paskerian
Mr. Robert Penney
Ms. Shirley Pepys
Yvette Pergola
John and JoAnne Perkins
Mrs. Dorothea Perrin
Ms. Elizabeth Perry
Mr. Robert Perry
Dr. Barbara A. Peterson
Ms. Mary Petropoulos
Ms. Nancy Pettijohn
Mrs. Mary Philpot
Mr. Steve J. Pier
Joette and Michael Pierce
Michael and June Lee Pilsitz
Mrs. Charlotte Pinsky
Richard and Deborah Polonsky
Mr. Leigh M. Rabbitt
Ms. Karen Rabe
Mr. Frank R. Randall
Ms. Michele E. Raney
Ms. Anita Razin
Mr. Gordon Reese
Ms. Joan B. Rehnborg
Judith H. M. Reiner
Ms. Fritz H. Reynolds
Ms. Judith Rigby
Mrs. Ginny Riley
Charles and Marjorie Ringwalt
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Ritter
Mrs. Linda Roberts
Mrs. Norma Roberts
Ms. Kathy Roberts




Mrs. Gini Robins
Mrs. Jeanie Roe
Mr. Rick Roshan
Ms. Ruth Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon E. Ross
Ms. Teresa Ross
Mr. Herbert Roth
Jeffrey S. Rovner and Marrie Stone
Ms. Barbara Roy
Mr. and Mrs. James Rubel, Jr.
Ms. Lynda Ruth
Ms. Sadie Sacks
Mrs. Irene W. Salyer
Ms. Kathleen Schaefer
Christine and Gerald Scheck
Mr. and Mrs. Jonas Schultz
Jeff and Christy Schwalm
Ms. Terri Scott
The Hon. and Mrs. James Selna
Mr. Michael Sentovich
Ms. Latika Sethi
Robert and Mary Shackleton
Drs. Nick and Sylvia Sharma
Mrs. Claudette Shaw
Robert and Barbara Shelton
Lawrence and Julie Sherwin
Julie and Jim Shields
Bill and Ronna Shipman
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Sholkoff
Dan and Margaret Siegel
Diane and Igal Silber
Leon and Cheryl Skeie
Mr. Martin Smetter
Ms. Dorothy Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Smith
Keith and Florence Smith
Ms. Pamela Somers
Ms. Beatriz G. Soto
Dr. Steven and Mrs. Lor Speach
Ms. Ellen Speyer
Raoul and Gail Standt
Ms. Cyndy Stauffer
Dr. and Mrs. Barry Steele
Larry and Marsha Kessler Stein
Ms. Barbara Steinberg
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Steuber
Ms. Margot Stevens
Mrs. Betty Storch
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Stuart
The Honorable and Mrs. Bruce Sumner
David and Jill Susson
Robert and Lonnie Sutter
Ms. Amanda Swain
Mrs. Cecilia Tallichet
Michel Oren and Lorelei Tanji
Mrs. Norma R. Taylor
Dr. and Mrs. William Thibault
Mrs. Eleanor Todd
Dr. Carol Tomlinson
Ms. Edie Tonkon
John and Kay Torell
Ms. Karen E. Tringali
James and Katherine Tucker
Ms. Michelle Turgeon
Robert and Sharon Turner
Ms. Patricia Twitty
Ms. Louise T. Upham
Ms. Arlene L. Vaccher
Ms. Jennifer Van Bergh
Mr. and Mrs. M. Van Buren
Gary and Elizabeth Vaughan
Dr. Alice Thie Vieira
Myuriel and John von Aspen
Debbie and Craig Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Wallace
Mrs. Rosemarie Wallack
Ms. Anne Walthall
Ms. Jean Walz
Bob and Dawn Washer
Ms. Roberta Wasson
Ms. Meridith Webster
Mrs. Gail Wheaton
Rick and Carol Whipple
Bill and Bobbitt Williams
Karen and Paul Winger
Mrs. Bonnie Winslow
Mr. and Mrs. George Wright
Mr. Ted Wright and Mrs. Nina Macdonald
Benjamin and Sandra Wright
Ms. Maria Yacoel
Ms. Sandra Young
Ms. Marcia Yury

($65 special holiday membership)

Ms. Charlotte L. Kopitzke
Brad Mielke


Susan and Gil Abrams
Ms. Lisa Adam
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Adams
Ms. Cindy Ahn
Mrs. Joyce Allison
Mrs. Loretta Alspach
Phil and Phyl Andersen
Richard and Rita Auelmann
Ms. Joyce Auslander
Mr. Alan Baer
Rimvda and Vaidotas Baipsys
Randy and Robert Baird
Thomas and Lu Anne Baker
Ms. Nancy Bartelt
Mr. and Mrs. David Barth
Ms. Mary A. Bassett
William and Sandra Beckman
Ms. Lyn Belasco
Mrs. Dorothy Bendetti
Ms. Elaine Beno
Mrs. Ernestina Benson
Ms. Janice Bernabucci
Ms. Lorry Bernardy
Mrs. Susan Bise
Mr. and Mrs. David Black
Ms. Loren Blackwood
Mr. Gerald Blankenship
Mr. Steven Bloch
Ms. Joyce Boelzner
Thomas and Linda Boris
Ms. Carolynn Bramlett
Ms. Donna Brantman
Ms. Ellen Breitman
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Brusic
Richard and Andrea Buice
Ms. Pat Burns
Jack and Linda Buzzard
Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Carlson
Ms. Patricia Carmichael
Mrs. Lynn Chase
Ms. Denise Chilcote
Mrs. Bonnie Christeson
Susanna T. Clemans
Ms. Lynne Coenen
Mr. Michael Coleman
Charles and Constance Colladay
Ms. Jennifer Conforti
Ms. Elisabeth Cook
Mrs. Marjorie Cooling
Ms. Mary Corey
Ms. Frances Cork
Ted and Joann Covalt
Mr. John B. Coyne
Mr. Oliver Crary
Ms. Diane Creager
Ms. Sheryl Crockey
Mr. Charles Crowley
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cruce
Ms. Laura Curran
Mr. Robert W. Curtis
Ms. Patricia Dabic
Ms. Yolanda D'Alessandro
Mrs. Gretchen Daley
Guity and Manucheur Darani
Lionel and Carlann daSilva
Ms. Jeanne C. Davis
Ms. Mary Dawe
Mr. Timothy Deal
Mrs. Kary Delgado
Ms. Amita Desai
Pete and Marian Dickey
Mr. Delano Dinelly
Ms. Joy E. Dittberner
Ms. Margie Doering
Mrs. Megan Doherty and Mr. Alex Slonicki
Ms. Joan M. Donahue
Mr. Thomas Dowling
Mr. and Mrs. Hal Doyle
Claude Drake and Diana Drake Long
Ms. Jane Duffy
Ms. Gail Dufour
Ms. Jenny M. Duke
Shari Elias
Denny L. Engelke
Ms. Kate English
Ms. Janet L. Ennis
Ms. Linda Ernst
Ms. Constance Esposito
Dr. and Mrs. Sirus Farivar
Ms. Fazeela Ferouz
Ms. Eugenie E. Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Fitzpatrick
Dan and Barbara Foley
Ms. Aviva Forster
Mr. Stephen D. Franklin
Mrs. Gretchen Franklin
Mrs. Shelby Franklin
Mr. Guenther Frantz
Tony French
Ms. Lillian Friedlander
Jeff and Lynn Friedman
Ms. Shirley Frobes
Daniel and Kathryn Frost
Eve Fudge
Ilona and Stan Galant
Keith and Cheryl Garrison
Ms. Mary George
Ms. Glee Gerde
Mrs. Catharina Gerken
Mr. Xenophon Gikas
Mr. Gilbert Gildea
Ms. Agnes Gilmore
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Glickman
Ms. Mary Goggin
Don and Marcia Gordon
Mr. Decourcy Graham
Mrs. Barbara Grant
Ms. Dorothy P. Gray
Mrs. DeLone Green
Ms. Ruthanne Greenwood
Ms. Emily Hackler
Kathleen and Howard Hall
Ms. Myrna Hamid
Ms. Mary Hardesty Clayton
Laird and Margaret Hayes
Joann and Otis Healy
Ms. Kimberly Heiser
Ms. Barbara Helton
Dr. Kurt and Mrs. Lori Henry
Ms. Nancy Hi
Mrs. Lorijane Hilbert
Mr. and Mrs. Rush Hilborn
Ron and Phyllis Hill
Lamar and Ellen Hill
Richard and Rhea Hilliard
Ms. Nadine Hoffman
Ms. Barbara A. Hoffman
Myrna S. Holder
Rich and Carol Hoppe
Richard and Ellen Huberman
Ms. Amy Hunt
Ms. Dana R. Hunt
Capt. Nancy P. Ise
Ben and Kathleen Jackson
Mrs. Laurie Jake
Ms. Andrea Jason
Mrs. Lula Belle Jenkins
Mrs. Anne Johnson
Ms. Beverley Johnson
Ms. Barbara S. Johnson
Mrs. Phyllis Jones
Colin and Jacklyn Joyo
Mrs. Sharon Kahan
Mr. Ron Kasper
Ms. Susen Kay
Mrs. Diane Kelsey
Donald and Ellen Keys
Ms. Nancy L. Kidder
Ms. Eugenia Kirchner
Bill and Shelley Klein
Ms. Marina Knaup
Walter and Donell Koch
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Koffler
Ms. Randy Kraft
Ms. Stefanie Kristiansen
Dr. Catherine Kusnick
Mrs. Cheryl Kyle
Angela and Robert Kyle
Denis and Robin LaBonge
Mr. Charles E. Lake
Robert and Sharon Lambert
Ms. Sheila M. Lane
Lynette Laroche and Bob Engemann
Ms. C. Deborah Laughton
Kathy Lazarus
Mr. Vincent J. Le Pore III, Esq.
Marie F. and Warren Lefebvre
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Lewelling
Ms. Nancy L. Lewis
Ms. Diane Lewis
Ms. Theresa Lier
Ms. Lynn Lightcap
Mrs. Julie Little
Deanna and Gene Litwer, MD
Dr. Annika M. Logart
Ms. Judith M. Louria
Ms. Barbara Lubash
Ms. Lois W. Machida
Ms. Judi MacLean
Ms. Marni Magda
Ms. Barbara Manalis
Ms. Jill Manly
Mr. Peter Maradudin
Virginia Marcoux
Ms. Marcia Marsala
Carolyn and Mike Martin
Barbara and Lloyd Massey
Ms. Lillian Massey
Mr. and Mrs. Bud Mathaisel
Mr. Richard McDonough
Ms. Molly McGuire
Ms. Kelly McKelvey
Mr. Hal McLaughlin
Paul and Penny McManigal
Ms. Anne McNeill
Ms. Sheryl H. Meyer
Ms. Sue Michaelson
Ms. Cary Jane Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Ali Moattari
Elizabeth L. Nance
Ms. Patricia Naruse
Mr. Roy Nesbitt




Joni and John Nichols
Ms. Victoria Norman
Mr. and Mrs. John O'Flynn
Dr. and Mrs. Terence O'Heany
Ms. Paula Olivier
Mr. and Mrs. Basil Pafe
Mr. Richard Palacios
Douglas and Teresa Pasquale
Scott and Liddy Paulsen
Ms. Frances J. Pedley
Ms. Peggy Pence
Ben Peters
Arne and Sandy Petersen
Joan Petty
Mrs. Carole Pewthers
S. Harris and Beverly Pinsky
John and Lyn Pohlmann
Richard and Grayne Price
Pro Literacy
Ms. Melinda Rader
Ms. Jacquelyn Raehrs
Ms. Lynne Ramsey
Ms. Deanna Rankin
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Ranney, Jr.
Francis and Tracy Rath
Lawrence and Phyllis Ray
Mrs. Nancy Rayl
Ms. Carrie Rayner
Mr. Christopher A. Reed
Ms. Barbara Regosin
Mrs. Molly Retzlaff
Ms. Nicole F. Reynolds
Richard and Gail Rhone
Mr. Walter B. Rios
Mrs. Jill Robbins
Katherine and Jon Robertson
Mrs. Nola Rochelle
Mrs. Penny Rodheim
Ms. Ruth Roe
Pat and Marge Romberg
Ms. Mary Roosevelt
Mrs. Madeline Rose
Ms. Barbara Rothman
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Runner
Mr. C. Thomas Ruppert
Brenda and Thomas Sabin
Kay and Steve Sandland
Ms. Jean Savage
Dr. Suzanne Savary
Ms. Marjorie Sawyer
Ms. Sallie Schafer
Ms. Mary C. Schiendler
Ms. Holly Schuman
Ms. Louise Schwennesen
Mrs. Bonnie Scidmore
Mr. Michael Scott
Mike and Barbara Sentovich
Tully and Janette Seymour
Frances Shelby and Charles Nelson
Mary Kay and Keith Shelton
Mr. Jerry Pick and Ms. Judie Shiff
Ms. Marvina Shilling
Robert and Lauren Silvernail
Ms. Kathleen Simpson
Mr. Alexander E. Simpson
Dr. Susan Skinner
Mrs. Valerie Sloane
Mrs. Jacqueline Smiley
Ronald and Wendy Smith
Ms. Lynn Smith
Ms. Victoria Solinger
Mrs. Sandra Sowers
Mr. Paul F. Spas
Eric and Polly Stanbridge
Mrs. Patricia Stark
Ms. Peggy Stewart
Ms. Carla Stiassni
Edward and Elaine Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Stradtman
Mr. and Mrs. John Stuart
Richard and Cindy Succa
Ms. Venzila Swaroop
Mr. and Mrs. Tomatsu Tanaka
Tanya Tarr
Ms. Evelyn L. Tarzian
Arthur and Dorothy Wahlstedt
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Wall
Gordon and Jean Wanlass
Jim and Laura Wantz
Pete and Jackie Warren
Mrs. Stacie R. Wendland
Dr. Betty T. Werksman
Mary Jo and Vern West
Ms. Molly White
Jay and Sandra Wilbur
Mr. Arnold Winer
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Wood
Robert and Meredith Worrell
Ms. Jean O. Wright
William and Linda Wright
Cathy and Gary Wyatt
Mr. and Mrs. Joachim Youn
James and Susan Zager
Ms. Shirley Zanton

($35+ for those 22-39)

Ms. Lyssa M. Allen
Ms. Antonella Castro
Ms. Nadia Dallstream
Ms. Ilana Feldman
Mr. David Gosselin
Mrs. Ruth Gyllenhammer
Ms. Rebecca Hill
Mr. Thomas Janey
Ms. Stacey Jones
Ms. Amanda Krotzer
Ms. Dena Lazarova
Ms. Yassmin Manauchehri
Ms. Michelle McCullagh
Malika Middlebrooks and Mohammed Elayan
Ms. Divya Mirchandani
Ms. Leighann Pennington
Mr. Joe Stapleton
Mrs. Laurel Tippett
Mr. Andrew A. Wood

($25+ for seniors)

Ms. Donna M. Allen
Mrs. Barbara L. Allen
Ms. Doris Alvey
Ms. Mary Amundson
D. H. Armstrong
Carol and Mark Arnesen
Ms. Nancy Atlee
Ms. Nina Balis
Jackie and Ken Bayless
Ruth and Robert Bein
Stan and Norma Bell
Mr. Robert Berg
Robert and Colleen Bevacqua
Bill and Barbara Birnie
Frank Bloom
Dr. David and Lynne Bloomberg
Ms. Lavina Blossom
Kent and Myrna Boom
Mr. Deane Bottorf
Mr. Jerry Braff
Ms. Kathleen Branigan
Jon and Rita Breen
Ms. Rocella Brockett
Ms. Christine Browne
Mr. and Mrs. Syd Buck
Ms. Sally Buschek
Ms. Tina Byrne
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Carter
Ms. Kay Casserly
Ms. Joan Coats
Ms. Tova Cohen
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Cohn
Mr. Barry Cole
Mrs. Carolyn Conway
Mr. David Cord
Mr. James Cota
Ms. Anne Cox
Richard and Linda Crum
Ms. Susan D'Alessio
Mr. Stanton Davies II
Mrs. Mary Eileen Dibb-Haub
Mrs. Joan Donnelly
Mrs. Margaret H. Dorris
Mrs. Toni Dwyer
Ms. Marty Earlabaugh
Dr. Mahmoud Elguindy
Mrs. Lois Entin Goren
Mrs. Janet Eversmeyer
Sharon and John Fairborn
Mrs. Sue Ann Few
Frank and Elizabeth Fiorentino
Mrs. Mary Fitzgerald
Everly and Harriet Fleischer
Ms. Donna Flower-Carroll
Mr. Warren Fox
Ms. Wendy Frankel
Judy Freeman
Ms. Marilyn C. Frenz
Bill and Mary Lee Gair
Mrs. Pat Gately
Ms. Nicole Groux
Ms. Lynda K. Grundhofer
Frank and Lynda Gruver
Satinder Gulati
Sandra Guyer
Ms. Ann Harrington
Ray and Patricia Heaney
Ed and Pat Heath
Mrs. Dietgart Heller
Ms. Roxann Higman
Mr. Mark Hildebrand
Ms. June Ireland
Ms. Georgia R. Johnson
Mr. H. Gilbert Jones
Mrs. Patricia Jones
Mr. William Kames
Ms. Carol Kanode
Marvin S. Kaplan, M.D.
Dr. Burton L. Karson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kazeef
Mr. Antoine F. Khoury, Sr.
Josephine D. King
Ms. Aleta Knight
Mrs. Susan Koetting
Ms. Carol Krogh
Mary T. Kryder
Ms. Rosemarie Kuhn
Ms. Carolyn Kurtz
Lois Laquidara
Mrs. Walter H. Lazicki
William and Rosella Leasure
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Lee
Dr. Maureen Lenihan
Laurence Lerner and Dagmar Cox
Mrs. Phyllis Leshowitz
Mr. Morton L. Lipson
Dr. and Mrs. Martin Litke
Ms. Jeanne Little
Betty Liu and James Yeh
Mrs. Jerri Loeb
Mr. Volker H.G. Loeser
Mrs. Phoebe Loos
Ms. Linda Lucchesi
Mrs. Rella Lutzky
Ms. Therese D. Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Mackie
Mr. Eric Macklin
Ms. Marta Mahoney
Ms. Rachel Maus
Ms. Jane McMillan
Ms. Julie McMillan
Ms. Mary T. McNulty
Ms. Marcy Middler
Edward and Leslea Miller
Mr. Barbara Milner
Mr. James E. Mitchell
Ms. Rhoda Moramarco
Jack and Carol Morrison
Steve and Rosie Morse
Ms. Helen Naughton
Glenna and Tom Naves
Pat Neal
Ms. Mary Nord
Robert and Martha Olds
Mr. George O'Nan, Jr.
Robert Chambers and Dr. M.J. Pais
Jean and Jack Paris
Ms. Bev Pavlovich
Mr. Charles Petrauskas
David Phillips and Joan Ziskin
Ms. Annie Piermont
Sandra and Robert Pink
Dr. Stephen R. Rakower
Mr. Dennis Repp
Ms. Carol Rohr
Ms. Karen Root
Ms. Bette M. Ross
Arthur and Reisha Rosten
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Rousselot
Renee and David Sacks
Ms. Maria Sara
William and Marcia Saunders
Ms. Deborah Schell
Meryl and Henry Schrimmer
Ms. Roselyn Scott
Mrs. Jan Seitz Jashinski
Ms. Kathleen Shannon
Ms. Jacqueline Shaves
Ms. Jean Sheldon
Ms. Barbara Snow
Ms. Sally Snyder
Mrs. Margaret A. Soden
Ms. Phyllis Joy Speek
Ann Stern
Ms. Joyce Swanson
Jody and Richard Swinney
Mrs. Nancy Thompson
Ben and Melinda Thornton
Mr. Earl Timmons
Mr. Armando Villegas
Mr. Neal Warren
Mrs. Betty Waverly
Ms. Sorrell Wayne
Mr. Paul Wehrlen
Ms. Joan Whelan
Robert and Beverly White
Ms. Helene Winogura
Mrs. Barbara Wright
Mr. Harold Wright
Al Yesk and Suzanne Salzer Yesk

($15 - membership group for kids)

Megan Bartz
Hannah Hawary
Amelia Delgado
Aila Kim
Alex Kim
Sienna LaBuen
Carter Schilling
Chloe St. Clair
Lily Renn
Chloe Renn
Siyou Wang